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        Welcome: Shijiazhuang Chuangli Coal Mine Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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        Industry new

        Equipment demand brought by new coal mines

        The demand for equipment brought by new coal mines, the demand brought by small coal mines' consolidation and upgrading of mechanization rate, and the demand brought by the renewal of existing equipment. The proportion of these three parts in the total demand in the next five years is about 1:2:2, so the structure is different from the previous situation that the demand of new coal mine equipment accounts for more than 40%. In the first three quarters, the demand structure of coal machinery is changing. In Inner Mongolia, for example, the newly-built mineral energy accounts for only 28.43% of the total new capacity. The 12th Five Year Plan of coal industry aims to increase the mechanization rate of coal mining to more than 75%. It is estimated that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the demand for coal machinery will increase steadily at a rate of about 20% due to the new production capacity, equipment renewal and integrated mining technology transformation.
        Generally speaking, China's coal machinery and equipment market is in a rapid rising trend. As an indispensable key equipment for coal enterprises to establish high-yield, efficient and safe coal mines and complete coal mining mechanization, the value of hydraulic support is increasing year by year, and the demand growth exceeds the demand growth of coal and carbon equipment.
        The hydraulic support is one of the most important technical equipment of the comprehensive mechanized coal face in China, and it is also the largest product in the equipment of the comprehensive mechanized coal face. Since 1964, the first hydraulic support came out in China, after decades of introduction of technology, digestion and absorption and independent research and development, the hydraulic support in the coal fully mechanized mining equipment manufacturing in the first place to break the localization, the effect is significant.
        The data shows that with the support of technology and the rapid development of coal market, the output and output value of China's hydraulic support industry are increasing year by year. By 2010, the output of China's hydraulic support industry reached 1684000 tons, and the output value reached 16.7 billion yuan.
        With the increasing competition in coal mining machinery industry from time to time, the merger and acquisition integration and capital operation among large-scale coal mining machinery enterprises are becoming more and more frequent. Domestic excellent coal mining machinery manufacturing enterprises pay more and more attention to the discussion on the industry market, especially the deep discussion on the change of environment and customer demand trend of enterprises. Because of this, a large number of domestic excellent brands of coal mining machinery rose rapidly, and gradually became the leader in the coal mining machinery industry

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